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What I do

My heart beats for science discovery & human potential

ARTIV stands for Art of Iacopo Vigilante. I Devote myself to Concept Design, 3D Art and Virtual Reality at Sensium Studio from 2016. Recently I developed the short VR Horror Experience Face Your Demons, available on Steam and selected by Private Label VR and VR Junkies.
My main creative tools are: Unreal Engine, Maya, Zbrush, and the Substance suite.
I started my path in 2015, when I attended the workshop “Immersive Design and Storytelling” sponsored by Google, held by Domenico Zungri. Previously I graduated in Physics while I worked in the worlds of Martial Arts and Life Coaching, integrating different visions.
Glad you found ARTIV, enjoy the Art and spread the Good!

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Sensium Studio
The perfect place to work, the Project i’m into, strongly believing in it’s long term Social Purpose
Domenico Zungri
The soul behind Sensium Studio, a mentor and a friend. If you are a Pioneer or already a Giant in this world, and you need “That” Powerup, I strongly suggest you his Consulence
Shin Graphic
The roots i needed for distributing “Face Your Demons” the VR Experience on Steam. Excellent Teamwork and Kindness, great Unconventional Works.
ARTIV - Art of Iacopo Vigilante 2019