The Beast

71K Polygons 3D Mesh – Normals & AO baked from 150M Polygons 3D Mesh – 4K Textures Resolution

Everything started with an exciting 3D sculpting exercise, in early 2018 I strongly needed to expand my skill set.
During the 6 months learning phase I came across the figure of Rubicant, the twelfth Malabranc, a spiteful and reddish Devil wich appears in the Dante’s Inferno (Chants XXI, XXII and XXIII).
I wanted to paint a bit of this character in my work. Then I figured out that He deserved to be presented alive and shaded in an appropriated setting. I needed to see Himself acting like He was already doing in my head!
The best way was to understand by myself the digital animation basics and to go deeper in the wonderful Unreal Engine 4 features.
I tried to compose a setting for an animated sequence, but in the end Virtual Reality appeared to be the best solution for that damn encounter and I couldn’t stop that development process.

ARTIV - Art of Iacopo Vigilante 2019